Xplore this!

Girls, notice the new banners across our site today ? FD would like to introduce XL’s Xplor as a proud sponsor of our site. On top of its sponsorship, I think these new Xplor banners provides a more hyped and dynamic effect on the site, don’t you think?. As we’ve been running on a minimalist mode lately as some of you have called it, we realized that we’re in dire need of something different other than those static contents. These banners fit this role and then some. And in case you’re wondering, no…the sponsorship deal wouldn’t buy us the latest IT bag, but it’s definitely enough to bring you more contests and giveaways in the future. So rejoice!

As one of the largest GSM providers in the nation, XL is committed in providing the best service utilizing the latest mobile technology. XL’s $ 100 million 3G investment last year demonstrate its commitment to providing Indonesians with more choices and quality world of high-speed and reliable mobile communication. XL has declared that it’s XL3G is the first with the widest and fastest 3G network in Indonesia. As a bonus, their top-notch customer service have been consistently rated to be the best in the industry. The banners you see here is part of XL’s Xplor campaign to promote the Rp.1/detik rate. The site contains an interactive game to keep you entertain. As a thank you, please visit their website and learn more about their feature product and get a chance to win some of the freebies (HP, iPod etc).