Dare To Wear

Do you feel insecure to go all out when you’re dressing up? Are you afraid that people will think that you’re trying too hard to look good??

I just read an article in US Vogue September edition that talk about this topic and I thought that’s really interesting that makes me wonder if anyone here have felt the same way. You know the feeling when you’re done dressing up and when you look in the mirror you just feel too put together that makes you instantly take your jeweled stilettos off and slip into your peep toe flats instead? Or when you mess up your hair in purpose so you don’t look like you really care?? Or when you wipe the red lipstick just to take the edge off?.

Let me ask you this…..How many times do you buy special outfits that never seen the light of day? The silk blouse that has that wow effect, the dress that makes you feel like a million dollar, the gorgeous pencil skirt that guarantees a few turning heads when you wear it? They are still hanging in the closet. Your excuse? You’re still waiting for the right occasion..but that right occasion just never seem to come and you fall back into looking casual because it’s just easier.

It happens to me too..sometimes there’s just something that tells me not to waste a big effort into my appearance. I don’t go out looking like a train wreck but I can actually do much better had I put more effort and time into planning together my outfit. Often times, I also don’t put on some lipstick, just so I don’t look forced, or change the earrings into something simple to warrant a lesser attention. I don’t know why, but sometimes I just do..it’s always “I’m just going to the mall anyway”, or “I’ll put the lipstick on in the car”, but then I forget about it.

I guess it’s right that the world has turned even more casual now, where jeans can be worn for all kinds of occasion, where looking effortlessly chic is applauded and suggested, even when it actually takes a lot of effort to make you look like you’ve made no effort at all in your appearance. And there’s nothing wrong with going on that direction. But if studied glamor is more your style, and looking impeccable, looking perfect from head to toe is what you’re aiming for, then by all means, you should go for it. Don’t be afraid of all the naysayers, or your friends who will go like “duilee rapih amat sih bok, mau kemana emangnya?”. Don’t let them get in the way of you dressing the way you like it. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with looking like you’re trying. It’s okay to look like you get up an hour early to do your hair and make up, life is too short not to pay attention.

I remember the story that my grandma told me. She was all about dressing up back then since she was a teenager, but then her husband passed away in the early 70s. Of course she was devastated especially that it made her a single mother of 8 kids!! But that didn’t make her look drib and drab, she still took pride of the way she dressed…but then people started to smirk on her and teased her as if she dressed up because she was looking for a new husband. That made her sad and felt insecure, so she started not to care about her appearance, because she didn’t want people to look at her that way. It’s pretty sad when other people are so nosy and takes away what makes her happy and what makes her confident. I know that she should’ve just shrugged them off but I’m sure she had her reason. The point is, no one should make you feel like you don’t deserve to look good.

Besides, when you look put together, you’ll look classy and elegant and it makes you look powerful and in charge of your own life. Women in the past loved to dress up, and everyone looked neat, well groomed and sophisticated. They looked mature and they were not afraid to look their age unlike women of today who dress more casually to make them look younger. Remember, it’s harder to look good in casual outfit than it is in special outfit. And just like Rachel Zoe so eloquently put it, “If you show up looking a bit more glam than the rest, what’s the worst case scenario? You look the best in the room?” So, why are you avoiding looking your best?


Btw, when I write this..the girls from the forum; deszell, putduy, polkadot, darling and jellyfish come to mind. They are ladies who are not afraid to rock the heels, the gorgeous outfits, the pretty dresses, the sparkling accessories, the sexy tights, the make up and all that jazz. I don’t think the word casual exists in their dictionary….well done girls..=))