New Bags @ Socialite Boutique

The owner just got back from shopping trip around Paris and Milan recently, so the boutique is now well stocked from shelve to shelve with the current hot bags from every fashion houses. You can read the shopping report here. Below are some of the newly acquired bags…and before the prices make your jaw dropped, they have a 12 month installment program that will get you one step closer towards your dream bag..=)

Bottega Veneta Woven Hobo IDR 16.500.000 — Bottega Veneta Capri Tote IDR 19.900.000
The hobo is one of the bags that have been on my wish list for the past year..:D. For some people, the bag might be too ordinary, but its simplicity is what allures me to this bag, it’s so understated yet chic, roomy yet light at the same time. You just need to touch the leather and like me, you will fall in love with this bag instantly..:o). If you like something that’s a little more glamorous, the tote one would be a perfect choice, the gold hardwares make the bag pops, plus it holds a ton!.

Chloe Elvire IDR 15.900.000
The newest bag from Chloe. The kind you will tote everyday since it’s so functional, the navy color is a nice substitute for the boring black tote bag. Adorned with pebbled leather, which makes any scratch less visible. The stud detailing is a nice perk. I have never seen this bag in real life, so I don’t know if it would be as heavy as other Chloe bags or not although from the look of it, it looks kind of heavy.

Fendi B Bag IDR 19.500.000
This bag has been around for a while…I like it, just not in this color..:D…but metallic will still be around this fall so if you feel like following the what’s in and what’s out..this would be a nice color to add to your collection. End of the year is approaching, that means you’ll have lots of parties to attend so you’ll get lots of mileage out of metallics.

Miu Miu St. Croco Tote IDR 12.500.000
Ahh, miu miu strikes again. For the past 2 or 3 seasons, Miu Miu has come out with so many gorgeous bags. And its price range, although not cheap, sits in the lower range of the increasing price of designer bags. I don’t think you can get other designer bag this big, full leather with crocodile embossed for IDR 12.500.000. Of course, I’m talking about new arrivals retail price here..;). Lots of LV and Gucci canvas bags come with more expensive price tags, so this one really worth the price. I’ve checked Saks Fifth Avenue, and this bag retails for US$1295. Adds another $100 for 8% tax, convert that to IDR 9200 rate, it is actually cheaper to get it there than here…:o).. I was surprised myself!!

Anyway, back to the bag. If you like to bring so many junks everyday, this bag will be your best friend. Laptop and works document can fit comfortably inside too while the long strap will give your hand a rest. The crocodile embossed and the glossy finish adds a fresh and polished look. This is a classic bag that you’ll treasure for many years to come.


Prada Dome Bowler IDR 11.500.000
The prada signature nylon gabardine material get a little makeover with the crinkled detail. The right bag to tote for the rainy days.

Prada Glace zipper IDR 14.900.000
Straight of its fall runway. If you like different kind of bag, the bag that catches attention, you’ll like this bag. The fading color technique is very unique and I especially like the shape and the extra zipper around the bottom. The darker color at the bottom is a brilliant idea too since that’s where it gets the most dirt. Penelope Cruz has been spotted with this bag sling over her arm.

Valentino Histoire Bag IDR 17.900.000
Angeline Jolie is a big fan of this braided leather shoulder big that she special ordered a mini version for her daughter, Zahara. Click here to see the picture of them toting this bag together.

Arghh so many bags so little $$$$..what a girl to do??