44. Inside Ganish’s Bag

I really love this section –> sebenernya semua cewe pasti pengen tau apa isi tas cewe laennya, now it’s my turn

What’s inside my bag? Here it is..

The bag: m a r c by marc jacobs

The contents :

  • Celine suede wallet
  • Salvatore feragamo shades
  • 1 pair pink ‘river island’ socks (di pake buat nemenin my son @ his gym classes)
  • Reader digest August edition
  • Hair glossing serum by body shop
  • Channel blanc essentiel powder
  • Diorshow powder catwalk-pink (my fave)
  • Dior lipstict
  • Vera wang “Princess” EDT
  • Equal tablets low-cal sweetener
  • Nokia N90
  • Blinks contacts eye drops
  • Black n white dies cigarette lighter (which i never use)
  • Body shop hair brush

Wii banyak juga ya ternyata isinya, baru  nyadarr!

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