Paint My Love

Can’t believe I’m using a line from Michael Learns To Rock for this post, but heck I’m that excited about this product!

The skin around my eyes are super oily, even more so than the rest of my face. I love experimenting with eyecolors but sadly the products don’t usually last long on my lids and I only use powder eyeshadows (cream formula will just turn very ugly on me). I’ve tried using MAC Prep + Prime Eyes which claims to help eyeshadows last longer, but it creases even before I put on any eyeshadow! So while it is now getting easier and easier to find mascara and eyeliners in formula that will stay on me, the so-called “perfect” formula for eyeshadows remain elusive.

Until now!

I have finally got my hands on MAC Paint Pots - the newest addition to their eyeshadow category and a new generation their popular formula, MAC Paint. It contains carnuba butter and thixcin wax which gives it a creamy texture yet unlike most cream eyeshadows this formula lasts for hours! It is also blendable – I mixed it with a regular powder eyeshadow – and it creates a brilliant vivid shade! The first time I put this on – without any primer underneath – I was so happy to see that when I came home that day it did not crease at all. Almost 8 hours people! That beats everything I have ever ever tried!

Paint Pots come in 12 gorgeous shades – my favorites are Delft (deep teal with gold pearl), Rubenesque (frosten golden peach with gold and pink pearl) and Greenstroke (frosted mint green with gold pearl). Oh and I think this has also been mentioned in our forum, that one of these Paint Pots called Painterly can also be used as an eyeshadow primer. Painterly is a nude beige with no pearl so it is perfect to be used underneath other Paint Pots or powder eyeshadows. I have tried it myself and I have to admit, this is a waaay better formula for a primer than the real Prep + Prime. Loves it!!

Paint Pots are available in all MAC counters for Rp. 195.000

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