White Pants? Why Not?

How many of us own and actually wear white pants here? I don’t own a single one, simply because white is not a very forgiving color for my flaws and it’s just so easy to look bad in white pants than it is to look good. But that doesn’t mean you should stay away from white pants too, maybe you and I just haven’t found the right ones. Here are some useful tips from Bangkokian, one of our members who was recently spotted wearing white pants and pulled it off really well.

Triknya pake celana putih itu dari bahan dan cut nya.

Untuk yang curvaceous, cari bahan yang medium heavy. Remember the rules of covering multitude sins; bahan yang berat akan meng-gravitasi celana ke bawah sekaligus membuat kita terlihat lebih tinggi, this fabric will also save you from having a lined pants. If you ever have a lined pants…then you know it’s annoying to maintain…suka balapan lined and actual pants nya..:D

Check the cut …if possible, front of the pants should be clean. No fuss, no pocket, no pleats on the front and back, no fancy stitching. Stitching should be seamless and using the same color thread as the fabric (curvy girls can take the advantage of seamless zip). If you get the details to the minimum…you are allowed to play with the texture of the fabric..but curvy girls need stay within small textured

Perhatikan juga length of the pants, biasanya kalo mau pake heels, you can show a bit of skin but if wear boots then the pants need to be longer. Yang pasti harus jatuh dibawah pergelangan kaki. Whenever you can, if you ever feel intimidated with wearing white or off white pants…go with no fuss pointy shoes with similar color. Pale gold is good too but definitely no black or brown shoes or any contrasting color so you can give the illusion of elongated legs.

Points lain yang perlu di perhatikan adalah posisi back pocket! Penting banget nih… pastikan kalo posisi back pocket tidak terlalu ke bawah because it will affect our behind…it’ll look sagging. This trick applies for any type of pants…yes, skinny pants included!

Last note, please make sure you all wear seamless white panties too!. Example; triumph seamless panties , V shaped and runched up at the bottom to give your bottom a lift. The V shaped makes sure it will never go ride up….try to opt for the boycut version, the reason is because the panties will end right under your bottom cheek, therefore hiding the panty lines. Sometimes, even with seamless we can still see your undies, so there..visible panty liner is avoidable.

I think it pays to have a good quality white suit (blazer and the matching pants). It’s okay to splurge on this one as this set will get you a loooong way and or a looong time like to go on a job interviews, semi formal parties, important meetings and even christening. But remember it’s dry clean only. I know I’m making myself sound like a Nazi when it comes to white pants.
Now why don’t you all go get your white suits..;)

image source: www.jupiterimages.com, www.tyrers.com, www.yoox.com