Ciel Minerals

A few weeks after my first experience with mineral makeup, a package arrived at my house. It was a complete set of Ciel Minerals!

If you’re a frequent visitor to the FD forum, you’ve probably heard that one of our members had started her own line of mineral makeup called Ciel Minerals. Here are some words from the maker :


Mineral Make-up sudah menjadi trend yang sangat pesat didalam dunia kecantikan Amerika menggantikan traditional makeup yang menggunakan bahan-bahan kimia. Mineral make-up terbuat dari mineral-mineral alami yang berfungsi untuk melindungi kulit dari matahari, membantu menyamakan warna kulit, menutup bekas jerawat dan flek-flek wajah. Karena mempunyai daya serap keringat dan tidak gampang luntur, mineral makeup sangat cocok untuk wanita ynag tinggal di iklim yang panas dan lembab seperti Indonesia. Selain itu dokter-dokter kecantikan Amerika menganjurkan pasien-pasiennya untuk menggunakan Mineral makeup setelah prosedur seperti laser dan peeling dikarenakan khasiatnya yang dapat menenangkan kulit yang iritasi. Mineral makeup tidak mendukung pertumbuhan bakteri dan jamur, oleh karenanya dapat bertahan lebih lama dibandingkan cosmetic lainnya. Sayangnya banyak perusahaan mineral memakai bahan dasar Bismuth Oxychloride (yang untuk sebagian orang menyebabkan alergi dan berjerawat). CieL Minerals adalah perusahaan Mineral make-up pertama di Indonesia dengan lisensi dari CieL Minerals, LLC. USA. yang tidak memakai Bismuth Oxychloride dan juga satu-satunya Mineral makeup yang menawarkan foundation dengan 2 daya tutup (coverage). Medium coverage cocok untuk wanita yang senang terlihat alami dan segar sedangkan full coverage dibuat untuk wanita yang senang terlihat elegant dan mempesona

They were kind enough to send a few samples to FD house (a.k.a Hanzky’s house and mine :) ) so we could try the products. So I did with much anticipation and here’s my review :


I tried both the Medium and Full Coverage and was equally impressed with these stuff! Ciel Minerals Foundation is not as finely-milled as Alima, and I thought it was going to be harder to blend but I was wrong. The foundation is very easy to blend and the shade matches my skintone perfectly! Maybe because it’s created by an Indonesian woman so she could get the shade more correctly? Dunno. All I know is this foundation gives my skin a desired coverage (especially the Full Coverage one) yet is still lightweight and not at all cakey. Moreover, the staying power is very good. I wore it for the whole day the first time I tried it and didn’t touch up at all. When I got home, I checked out my reflection in the bathroom mirror and my skin was still looking fresh and glowy!

Mineral Veil

This finishing powder looks a bit pinkish but don’t worry, it won’t make your face looks like a bubblegum, in fact it’s just a very translucent powder that gets rid of any shine from your face and acts as a nice finishing touch. A little goes a long way, so I advise you not to put too much to avoid looking too matte – unless that’s what you want – and do use a fluffy brush so the finish is softer (I use my MAC #129 brush).


Very good quality blusher! I was given “Plum” which was more of a subtle, reddish brown and it instantly warms up my complexion. I was so pleasantly surprised at how blendable this product is – even more so than Alima blushers though I have to admit Alima offers more choices of colors. I noticed that this “Plum” blush is similar in color with my Nars multiple in Maui, so I tried mixing these 2 together. I rubbed Maui on the apples of my cheeks, blend it outwards and tapped Ciel blusher on top. The result? Even more gorgeous!


Not as pigmented as the eyeshadows I normally wear but still packs enough shimmer to make your eyes pop! I use this on top of a more intense-colored shadow or under my browbones as a highlighter.

The verdict? Very impressed. Ciel Minerals Foundation have become one of my foundation staples now. I use it almost everyday and find that this is the perfect choice when I just can’t be bothered with liquid foundation (though there is still that messy application to deal with). The fact that it is so lightweight makes me feel better whenever I’m drenched in sweats (you know how yucky it feels to be sweating while wearing a liquid foundie right?).

Here are more reviews from other FD girls who have dipped their brushes in Ciel Minerals products:

Love it! In fact, I have swapped my other Bare Escentuals foundation that I haven’t used since I don’t plan on using them again anyway. CieL Minerals ini pertama di liat memang kayanya kurang halus, tapi surprisingly pas di pake gampang banget nge blend nya. A little goes a long way and what I love most is that it actually stays on, all day!! Blush nya juga yang warna Bricks bagus banget…=) Bangga deh ada orang Indonesia bisa bikin product sekeren ini. I’m really impressed!! – Hanzky

Wah kualitasnya gak kalah sama Laura Mercier nih, malah better gw bilang dibandingin Bare Escentuals. Saya rasa karena ini gak pake bismuth? Abis bismuth itu bikin muka berminyak banget, dan mineral ini enggak. Trus kalo di ruangan ber-AC terus, gak perlu touch-up kalo pake yg full coverage. Aplikasinya gampang, very blendable and pake dikit aja udah cukup. Warna blush-nya gw suka. Eyeshadow nya, overall nice, blendable, soft color. Warna reddish brownnya keren! – Dunia_Dandan

If you’re keen on trying these products, do visit their website or wait for a few more days as we will reveal how you can actually get a chance to win a set of Ciel Mineral products – including brushes! Even more reason to become a FD forum member! ;)