D.I.Y: Want some LEGO accessories?


Remember LEGO? We’re all familiar with them when we were kids, constructing a house from scratch brick by brick, trying to build a car (?!) in an unusual shape, and many other things. I did swallow one piece of LEGO as most babies and little kids did, I couldn’t remember why, probably it was out of curiosity.

LEGO was also the inspiration behind the accessories of Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2008 runway collection. Somehow looking at them, I thought this could be a super duper FUN Do-It-Yourself project for everyone! I’m absolutely certain that all of you would be able to make and design one yourself.

So, let’s make two simple accessories, as seen above. What would we need are LEGO bricks in assorted colors *I’m sure some FD mommies here could ‘steal’ them from their kids ;P*, a very strong crazy glue/adhesive, my recommendation is an electric glue gun which is widely used for handmade arts & crafts, a single color headband (to make a LEGO headband) and a pin, if you’re making a LEGO brooch instead.

(from top left: glue gun, LEGO bricks, glue sticks for refill, pins, headbands)

To begin with, simply construct a shape using your LEGO bricks, it could be anything, a triangle, a square, a rectangle, or any ‘abstract’ and ‘avant-garde’ shapes you could think of ;P If you’re making a headband, then glue the LEGO to the headband, and if you’re making a brooch, glue a pin behind your LEGO.

Aha.. now, you have your very own Marc by Marc-inspired LEGO jewelries ;) If you’re not sure to wear them, give them away to your little kids, your little nieces and nephews, and maybe, your eclectic friends.

Want some more LEGO jewelry ideas? Wait until you see these creatively designed LEGO jewelries which I found from Geeksugar and Kasi.

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