Matching Lippie At The Emmy

As I expected, the makeup at The Emmy 2007 red carpet is no different than any other award shows : natural – with a few extra touches on the eyes or lips (but almost never both). It seems like these celebrities (or their makeup artists) focus more on making the skin looks youthful and glowing then playing with colors – I guess that’s all you need when you’re wearing designer couture and thousands of dollars worth of bling.

One interesting thing I note though is the use of lip colour at the red carpet. While a lot of people think it’s old-fashioned to match your lips with your dress, some celebrities went ahead and do it and well..look fabulous! It looks as though the lips were another accessory that comes with the gowns.

Just look at Kate Walsh from hit series Grey’s Anatomy – whose burgundy lips are starting to become her signature in and out of the show. Or Heidi Klum, whose wine-colored mouth is as sexy as the man beside her (I love you Seal!!). Even Felicity Huffman, who was nominated for Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, did a subtle fuschia lips to match her fuschia David Meister gown.

So girls..I think it is now safe again for us to match our lippies with our dresses, just don’t try to match your eyeshadows with your shoes at the same time!

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