Biography of Ika Butoni

Ika Butoni is an Indonesian fashion designer based in Hong Kong and a member of Hong Kong Fashion Designers’ Association. She is also the founder of Bali Fashion Week that she founded in 2000. She wanted to make Bali as one of the world fashion destinations like Hong Kong and Singapore while at the same time, bring Bali back as the world tourism city through the Fashion Week. Ika skilfully injects Indonesian cultural characteristics into her designs, which are full of ethnic charm. Ika’s design is currently being displayed at the “Fashion Attitude–Hong Kong Fashion Design” exhibition at Hong Kong Heritage Museum from August 31 to March 31 2008.

So much memory of Indonesia had become Ika’s inspiration. From a beautiful island, her memorable hildhood in Pematang Siantar to a crowded traditional market and the coffee flavor that she boiled every morning meant important for her design.

Ika plays with so many kind of materials. A unique pattern and detail, textile technique like piping, crochet and patchwork all applied in each of her clothes. Embroidery has also become one of her designs strength beside Batik.

A graduate of The Far East Dressmaking & Design school Shanghai (1973) and The London College of Fashion in 1977, Ika has worked at the German fashion house of L’Estelle before starting her own company, Butoni Ltd, in Hong Kong. Active at a series of international fashion events in major venues held in Paris, Milan, Düsseldorf, Singapore and Hong Kong – Ika took this experience and established the Moda Bali Foundation in 1985.

Even though she is now part of the world fashion scene, she still presents her signature style in all of her design. Ika’s inspiration that come from Indonesia seems will never end and will make her stay true to her roots.

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