RAOUL Fall/Winter 2007

Place: The Ballroom Four Seasons Hotel
Date/Time: September 11, 18.30 till late
Dress code: HOT
Sponsor: MAC, Metro TV, LG, ANZ, Nokia


19.50 : The Beginning

The guests were still standing outside the ballroom busily chit chatting with one another. Socialites and celebrities were walking down the red carpet posing for magazines and being interviewed by Metro TV. The room itself was decorated with black wallpaper with LG screen all over the room. There was a band singing upbeat songs to entertain the guests who were enjoying their martinis, wines and cokes. The “RAOUL” word flashes around the room by a laser beam light.

Spotted celebrities and socialites: Ms. Dian Sastro, Ms. Caroline Zachri, Mr. Oscar Lawalata (I hardly noticed him. He wore really tight white shirt and white hot pants with his light brunette long hair), Mr.Ronald Liem, Ms.Aida Numala

The men crowd:Many cute and charming guys that I literally saw with every blink of my eyes…=). Some of them look very sophisticated with black suit.

The women crowd:
Some were sporting working suit since they probably went there straight after work. But as the theme says “H.O.T”, many women also wear white, black, and red mini dress and shiny gold high heels.

20.30 : The Runway

raoulshow04.jpgThe guests were invited into the ballroom. A very dark ballroom with only the stage that has its light on. The stage was decorated with mosaic metallic background and The fashion show finally began at precisely 20.30.

There’s something different with Raoul Fall/Winter collections. The designs are more daring and aggressive. For Raoul Women, the collections are not only dominated by black and white, but also with purple and light green. The designs look sexier since they are made with satin, velvet, and metallic material. H.O.T was really a suitable theme for presenting the whole collection. There was one indo model who wore a loose white Victorian satin top. When I first saw it, the time you see the top, I thought to myself “what is so special with that top?” But when I looked closer, there was a “peek-a-boo” cleft right in the middle of the top that split from neck to the belly.


raoulshow02.jpgThe model that really took the stage was Ms. Karenina. She walked confidently in green puff dress and white belt. And for closing, she walked sexily wearing white shirt, hot metallic pants, metallic long coat, and fishnet stocking. Some other models who were working the runway were Dominique, Aline Tumbuan, and Nayla.

As for men, the collections are full with velvety pants and satin shirt. The collections are not the typical menswear clothings, but rather sophisticated, stylish and not boring at all. Restu Sinaga took most of the attention that night. He wore embroidered prints shirt and brown velvet pants combined with grey long coat. Mike Lewis also looked charming in satin purple shirt with tight black pants.

21.10: The Party

After the show, the guests were being served with snack and more alcoholic beverages. The DJ was playing upbeat music to get people dancing around the room. The models went out from backstage to join the party and the room was suddenly full of smoke. Unfortunately, most of the guests didn’t stay long at the party, I think it was because it was held on Tuesday and they had to work the day after, so they prefer to go home and take their IDR 200,000 Raoul voucher home, and sleep (like me ^_^).