RIP; Anita Roddick, Founder of The Body Shop


She, at the age of 64, passed away today after battling with brain hemorrhage, as reported by the Daily Telegraph. It’s so sad that we have lost someone like her, someone who was always be a part of the solution of the many problems we have in this world. She pioneered the environmental, human rights and fair trade issues in business. She started eco friendly products and the GO GREEN campaign before it was in fashion to do so. Her life story is truly inspiring, RIP Mrs. Roddick, thank you for giving the world your all.

Now, let’s do a little tribute for her. Let’s all share our favorite body shop products, or the first body shop product we have ever purchased!!.

Everyone was a body shop addict when I was in high school, my friends loved the perfume oil, particularly the white musk. Remember The Body Shop ivory canvas bag with the green Body shop logo on the side that everyone carried bag then? I wonder if they still have that in the store. For now, my favorite product is the Shea Body Butter and the Neroli Jasmin Shower Gel. And the Oceanus EDT scent will be forever in my memory.

So, what’s yours?