Jodhpur Pants, Yay or Nay?


Last Friday my hubby showed me an online picture of this Malaysian prince who lead the Indian Cavalry during Indian Republic Day parade a couple of months ago, wearing a pair of Jodhpur pants as part of his Indian military uniform. Somehow, it reminded me of the ones from the Fall 07 collection of Balenciaga, Roberto Cavalli and Jean Paul Gaultier. Would those Jodhpurs be the next must-have items?

What are these Jodhpur pants anyway? To be honest with you, I don’t really know that much except from its name alone, that they must be originated from India. I think the name itself, Jodhpur really sounds exotic and could be part of the global fashion influence, following keffiyeh or shemaghs, the widely famed middle-eastern scarf and of course, turbans. Then after googling from different sources, according to Wikipedia, Jodhpurs are tight-fitting trousers worn primarily for horse riding. Originally, Jodhpurs (as worn in and around the city in India after which they are named) were tight-fitting only from the knee to the ankle and were flared above the knee; modern stretch-fabrics have allowed jodhpurs to be supportive and flexible.

With the rise of the wide-legged and high-waisted pants, these Jodhpurs definitely give us another option to our wardrobe. So FASH’on has a great DIY in making the Jodphurs, while Stylebubble posted an interesting review about them. I’m not sure I would be able to pull them off, although I’d really like to try them on just to know how they would look on an average body type. But where can I get them? Quoting from Stylebubble, it appears that the GAP stores sell them all over Europe and sadly not in the States. I may be late in spotting this trend but I haven’t seen yet any mass retailer in the US carrying these Jodhpurs, but they would probably receive a crowd of followers in Asia! Would you think these Jodhpurs would be the next pants du jour? YAY or NAY?

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