Legging Up Your Legs

legging.jpgThis entry is sent as part of the Luella Anouk Bag contest

When I first saw Marc Jacobs spring 2006 runway in fashion magazine, I thought, “What was in Marc Jacobs’ mind to combine tops with tight aerobics pants?” Then, I saw Madonna wore legging with designer outfits in magazine
(Isn’t she first wore this legging thing in “Desperately Seeking Susan” movie with headband and wrist band?). This thought suddenly came into me “Every fashion piece has its cycle! Fashion is investment!”

Decades ago (in 1980’s I guess), young women wore leggings to be provocative and sexy with high heels, leather jackets, big curly hair, and big earrings. Today, every designer shows leggings on the runway. They are combined with tunics, dresses, and mini skirts.

I, who first think legging as aerobic pants, have bought several black leggings. I love to combine it with mini dress. But, I prefer to call legging as fashion defense. If your skirt is too short, wear leggings. If your bruises haven’t disappeared, wear leggings. If you’re cold in your 15۫-air-conditioned office, wear leggings. If you are bothered that you forgot to shave, wear leggings. And after all, legging gives you slimmer look to your legs. Legging can be wear sophisticatedly or casually. Combination of legging and high waist pencil skirt with simple cardigan and peep toe heels would make a totally sophisticated yet appropriate outfit to office. While for weekend casual lunch or barbecue party, combination of legging and summer dress or flirty feminine dress with flats sandals or flip flop would make a perfect chic look.

*image courtesy nordstrom.com