38. Inside my styling bag


This is my styling kit to carry the necessary tools whenever I go on a shoot whether indoor (e.g. studio) or outdoor (on location: out of town, desert, beach, lake, or anywhere outdoor).
I just had a small shoot in a studio a couple of days ago, so the tools shown here, aren’t as many as I usually bring to a bigger production. (fyi, if the shoot is in a remote location sometimes I even need to bring an additional small luggage /duffel bag to carry a portable steamer and iron _among a few!)

1. The bag is a vintage Gucci Boston bag / doctor’s bag
It’s quite large probably a medium size.

2. My pouch bag from Army Navy, a military accessory store.
It’s actually my main styling pouch which contains most of my important styling kit, filled with safety pins and big clips. You would carry this pouch most of the time during a photo shoot, it is very crucial for a stylist.

3. These are what I usually bring inside my styling pouch.
From bottom left, a small sewing kit, fashion fix double-sided tape *a must!!, a shoe horn, and scissors.. erghh, where’s my lint brush??

4. Polaroid and refill (underneath the camera).
To remember the credits of each look.

5. Rubber bands.
To organize the hangers on the clothing rack according to the looks which have been styled during the fittings or run through.

6. SHOUT wipes, an instant stain remover and Band-Aids.
If necessary, I usually bring Goo-Gone, the extraordinary stain remover and even Windex, for clothing and accessories made from plastics. The band-aids are simply to cover the blisters on model’s feet caused by those unbelievable platform heels and they could also be used as a nipple cover ;P

7. Chicken cutlets or silicon enhancing bra and extra seamless undies (inside the Ziploc bag).
No need further information on these hehe ;P.. but I rarely use these chicken cutlets since I think that cloth hangs better on a flat chested bust except maybe for swimwear, bikini and corset/bustier. And the ones inside the Ziploc bag are extra thongs and bandeau bras in nude/beige, white and black.