The Final Best Three

Finally, the final best three of the bag contest have been chosen by Socialite Boutique. You are free to vote your favorite entry. Just click here to vote after you’ve read the articles.

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Here are the nominees…



Louis Vuitton, Armani, Which art in Hermes,
Hallowed be thy Gucci.
Thy Cartier watch, Thy Prada Shoes
On Rodeo, as it is in Tiffany’s.

Give us this day our Visa Platinum
And forgive us this overdraft,
As we forgive those who decline our Mastercard.

Lead us into Harrods,
And deliver us from Sears.
For thine is the Chanel, the Gaultier, and the Versace,
For Dolce and Gabana…


Sering sekali kita dipusingkan oleh berbagai kritikan dan kecaman terutama dari para lelaki kalau membeli tas, baju, sepatu, kacamata atau produk fashion lainnya sebagai pemborosan dan sejenisnya. Padahal apa yang dianggap konsumtif itu justru sebuah investasi yang menggiurkan. Mau bukti, baru-baru ini terlihat Beyonce dengan balutan tas Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork. Sebuah seri terbatas yang hanya dibuat sebanyak 24 pieces saja dengan harga yang berkisar antara 38,000 US sampai dengan 45,000 US dan dalam waktu sekejab sudah habis terjual. Diperkirakan oleh salah satu pemerhati fashion, tas LV ini bila dilelang di e-bay, harganya bisa menjadi 60,000 US seandainya salah satu dari 24 orang pemilik LV tersebut mau menjualnya kembali. Asyik yah? Gak sampe seminggu dia bisa untung 30%. Dimana kita bisa mendapatkan such a wonderful profit, tidak di bank atau saham yang belum tentu dalam waktu kurang dari seminggu bisa mendapat profit sebesar itu.

Ya itu khan Beyonce, seleb besar gitu loch. Loh, tidak perlu menjadi Beyonce untuk bisa berinvestasi di fashion. Sebagai contoh kita tahu trend selalu berulang, spring/summer tahun ini dress dengan flowers textures atau dengan silhouette volume, ultra short dress, short leggy look with high waistlines atau baju dengan black and white combination, nah kalau memang kita mau mengikuti trend tapi sekaligus berinvestasi belilah product fashion yang dari high premium brand, misalnya product fashion keluaran dari rumah mode Carolina Herrera, Chanel, dan lain lain. Dalam 5 tahun bila trend berulang harganya akan semakin tinggi karena barang-barang yang kita beli akan menjadi vintage item apalagi bila kita beli product yang limited juga. Dan vintage fashion setiap tahun tidak pernah kehilangan pengemar.

Jadi teman-teman jangan khawatir dengan kritikan dan kecaman atas semua upaya kita untuk berpenampilan terbaik dan mengikuti trend terkini, selama kita berbelanja dengan visi yang jelas, akan ada jawaban atas semua pertanyaaan. Kalau ditanya, kemaren kan udah beli Hermes kok belum sebulan udah belanja lagi. Kita bisa bilang, eh,..yang aku beli kemaren udah tambah mahal loh sekarang, daripada saham Indosat kamu dari tahun lalu, enggak gerak-gerak harganya sampai sekarang :-p , You go girl, lets go shopping.



Dresses, dresses, and dresses. I’ve loved dress since I was a kiddy, and it even took me 10 years to understand that Christmas is not equal to new dress :D

My favorite dress style is the one which came from the 50’s era, popularized by the 50’s goddess such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor, Grace Kelly and many more (not mentioned that I adore those ladies as well). I don’t know exactly how many dresses I have, but my guess is more than 3 dozens, and 40% of them are in 50’s cut. Though the dresses came out with different look, the main form of the dress is usually well-fitted on torso side and below is kinda bloated like tutu. More than 50 years have passed, yet the style won’t fade away. Nowadays the 50’s dress hype come back and reappears with much more stylish and various look. Kudos some young Hollywood celebrities who brought it on red carpet and made it a new trend. I even spotted some of them wear the dress pretty often, and they are Scarlett Johannsen, Dita Von Teese, Anne Hathaway, Katherine Heigl and Paris Hilton.


Not only came with old classic-chic look, the new trend came with bold colors, daring prints and more details on it. That makes the dresses more provocative, sophisticated and sexier, without loosing its classics. As far as I noticed, this kind of dress is very friendly for every body types. It just that different body type has different part of the dress where they should play more. For example on the sleeves, neck-cut, prints, color, length, etc. Me, myself, love it because the dress compliment my petite and full body.Preferably the one with bold color, low-cut neckline and off-shoulder.. oh well.. I won’t be that picky and stick to those preferences. Of course I’ll go with 50’s dresses with more casual look as well. Every time I wear those dresses, I feel like I have kickin loads of confidence as much as having Gisele Bündchen’s long legs. Just pick the right dress with right accessories, shoes, make-up and hair-do, then I am ready for my own show ;D

This is one of my ‘moderate’ 50’s dress and how I added up some stuff in order to change purposes. From left to right: Plain satin dress, working time, ngopi2/church/family time, party time.


ROARING YOU, Not Too Loud, Please!

Animal print is back! Well, I think it has never really left the either the runway or the racks, but this fall it surely will ROAR.

We are starting to get bombarded by the print in not just tops or bottoms, but also bags, coats, scarves, belts, and shoes. If you go beyond fashion, then you will see Taman Safari on the car seats, kitchen towels, and even bedsheets. How cool is that.

Leopard, cheetah and zebra prints have been around for awhile and they are more on the strong side, while dalmatian dots and girrafe print are more on the feminine and soft side. Cow print is even softer and cuter but please limit it to your children’s wardrobe.People like animal print for different reasons. Men—although only the dandy ones would want to pull this off—relate animal print to machoism, while women find that it is sexy, bold, independent, and make them feel cool and hard-to-get. Parents give their children cow-skin printed pencil cases or turtle-shell printed school bags so they learn to love the animals and to feel close to the nature.

The fact that animal print is now in fashion does have the possibility to jeopardize our dignity. How so? If we are not careful and layer the prints to cover our skin, we will end up looking like a safari-style home decoration. Worst, we look cheapy.

A small cheetah clutch OR a pair of zebra pumps would look nice. A thicker leopard belt is pretty if worn with a dress shirt. Combine animal print with basic solid colors like khaki, forest green, brown, black, or white. Try to keep print above waist; Animal print skirts are acceptable, but pants—well, you can just imagine. Remember that this print attracts attention, so, for instance, do not wear animal print tight skirt if you have big bottoms. The material also plays an important role. If you are actually not that brave, you can stay away from shiny satin. The animal print itself takes courage to wear.Bottom line is, a little really goes a long way. Still feel shy? How about leopard-dotted underwear? Now, that is one SEXAY statement just for someone who is really special.


So, which one is your favorite? Don’t vote in the comment section below because it won’t be counted. Vote here, Now!! And if you’re one of the authors above, go tell your friends to vote for you..:) Good luck..and thank you for everyone who have participated. We’ll have more contests coming…=)