Soul Sister

I admit I haven’t been paying attention to popular music lately mainly because whenever I switch the channel to MTV (on my way to E! of course), I always see the same type of girls, wearing the same type of hair, makeup and clothes, singing the same type of bubblegum pop or tiresome pseudo-rock tunes. Occassionally, someone like Corinne Bailey Rae or Lily Allen appeared and make me take notice (Yes, I am guilty of finding Lily Allen songs to be really catchy and uplifting), not only because of their talent but also because these girls have a personal style that is different from what we see and get tired of out there.

So anyway, I recently spotted Amy Winehouse among Gwen Stefani’s and Fergies’ music videos on some channel and she sure sound and look different from her peers. Amy Winehouse has that soulful, sexy voice and her songs are mostly bluesy, moody, Motown-style jazz that you don’t normally see on MTV. She is like the dark version of Joss Stone with an attitude to match.

 Even though I don’t think Amy Winehouse is the ideal role model for teenagers for a few reasons (alleged drug and alcohol abuse, self-inflicted pain, out-of-countrol behaviour on and off stage to name a few), I have to admit that she has a great personal style. She has developed a signature style : that winged-out black eyeliner, the heavily-teased hair, the body-hugging dress – you can see it in almost all of her performances. I even saw a picture of hers sipping coffee at a street-side cafe with complete makeup and hairstyle! Now that’s what I’d call consistent!

 Anyway, if you are looking for an inspiration or a new look to try out for that hot party you are invited to, why not recreate Miss Winehouse look? All you need is black eyeliner (liquid if you want it to be really bold, gel if you haven’t got the steady hand), lots and lots of hairspray, the “f***k you all” attitude and you’re good to go!

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