Primer Review – Paul & Joe

Years ago before I even knew the existance of primers, I happily applied my foundation after moisturizer and thought that was it as far as prepping my skin and foundation before colors goes. And then someone introduced me to a foundation primer and my whole makeup routine changed!

 I guess it’s easy to say that I welcome this addition because I’m such a makeup junkie, but the truth is, using foundation primer really does make a difference. With a good primer, you create a better base for your foundation making application easier and smoother plus the foundation will last longer. In short, a good primer will make your foundation perform even better.

I have tested a few foundation primers and decided to write a series of reviews about them. Here’s the first one :

Paul & Joe Foundation Primer N

Don’t ask me what that “N” stands for because I really don’t know. What I do know is this product is a light-weight lotion that contains small pearl particle and also has SPF 12. It is also slightly pigmented (comes in 2 colors) therefore you can also use it as a tinted moisturizer.

I use it 2 ways :

1. I apply this foundation primer lightly, let it sink in for a bit and then apply my favorite foundation over it (at the moment it’s MAC Studio Fix Fluid). Because the primer is tinted, I don’t have to put too much foundation to get an even color. The result? My complexion looks flawless, bright and slightly dewy (from the pearl particle of the primer)

 2. If I don’t feel like putting on foundation, I use this foundation primer on its own. I put slightly more all over my face and then set it with a pressed powder. I love the fact that the product feels light on my skin yet gives it a lovely glow.

My only complain about this primer is it’s quite moisturizing, so if I spend a lot of time outdoor, my face will get oily so I am careful about not using too much or only use it when I am sure I will not be out of air-conditioned rooms too long.  I am guessing this product will work beautifully on people with drier skin or those who live in colder climate.

Oh, it also comes in a lovely glass bottle which I find really cute!

Paul & Joe Foundation Primer N retails for Rp. 300.000  (30 ml)