Tried & Tested – L’Occitane Almond Apple Products

I am a die-hard fan of the almond product range from L’Occitane. The shower oil is the product I turn to when I feel blah, when my skin needs extra moisture, when I need to shave my legs (they feel very smooth afterwards!) or simply when I need to inhale the delicious, creamy almond scent that seems to fill every inch of my bathroom when I use it. So of course I was excited to hear about their Almond Apple skincare range and was dying to try them!

I’m actually not the kind of person who tests skincare products recklessly, because even though my skin is not super sensitive, if a product turns bad on me, my skin won’t be able to bounce back from the negative effect as quickly as when I was still in my “prime age” (17 – 25 years old). So a woman needs to be careful about what she puts on her face, right?

But anyway, in the name of research, I brave the unknown and decided to pull out my sample stash from the drawer and try each product of the Almond Apple range. Just so I can report to you, dear FD readers, the results. Here they are :

I first tried the Cleansing Oil. This oil turns milky when mixed with water and smells like apple juice. I like the fact that it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight (like a lot of cleansers do) yet doesn’t leave any oily residue either. However, I have a strong doubt that it doesn’t really clean makeup as well as it claims. I wasn’t wearing a lot of makeup when I tried this product on so I could be wrong. I just don’t feel squeaky clean, if you know what I mean.

Next, I put on the Toning Cider. I was surprised to find that the product smells almost exactly like apple cider and it was rather yucky. I felt a little sting when I tried it on my face and I suspected this product contains alcohol. A quick check of the ingredient list told me that I was right. I had bad experience using toner containing alcohol so I was a bit wary. But other than the slight sting, the toner seems to be working fine. It made my skin looks and feels smoother and toned.

The Velvet Concentrate was next. The texture is ..well…velvety and rich. I massaged it onto my skin as instructed on the brochure and saw immediate result. My skin definitely feels soft yet firm and the product was absorbed pretty quickly. 5 minutes after applying it though, my face felt slightly itchy. It was probably the effect of the toner combined with the velvet concentrate but again, I was cautious so I kept on checking my face from the mirror to see if there is any sign of allergy reaction (redness, puffiness, etc). Thank God there wasn’t any.

I should mention that I have also tried the Almond Apple Sweet Peel. I actually bought this product before I tried the others from this range. I must say it’s worth every penny because I’m loving it! It contains crushed almond shells that allows gentle exfoliation and leave my skin feeling soft and refreshed. Plus it has this yummy smell – much like those apple sauce for babies, it even has a similar texture!- that makes me want to scoop the whole thing from the jar with my fingers and puts it in my mouth! (I never did, of course)

Anyway, after trying on those products, I then went to sleep and when I woke up, I noticed that my complexion looks clear and healthy. I haven’t had any problems with my skin lately so to be really honest, I wasn’t sure whether the products were really working or I was just having a good “skin day”. So I tested it again and this time in the morning, just to see how it will affect my skin.

I repeated the whole step plus added Clinique City Block Sheer SPF 15. When I put on the Toning Cider, I felt a lot less sting and none of the itchiness when I apply the Velvet Concentrate. For the rest of the day, my skin seems to be in a normal condition – nor was there any difference in the way my makeup works. So I guess I can say that the Almond Apple range is quite safe although of course I need to use it continously to really know what kind of effect it has on my skin. But for now, with the exception of the Sweet Peel, I think I’m just gonna stick to my Clinique 3-Step products.