33. Inside Rima’s Bag

She’s a talented Indonesian singer who lives in Brussels. Visit her myspace account here to listen to her songs.

The Bag: My Musette Damier I bought a couple of years ago.
The Contents:

  • Fendi Oversized Shades
  • Aigner purse
  • Mini Clinique Happy Heart
  • Small jar of Vaseline (addicted to it – for my lips)
  • Nokia E70
  • Nokia, dont know what the model is, just a spare phone I always carry around
  • Apartment Keys
  • Car Keys
  • GPS Nuvi 350 Europe and leather case
  • Longchamps leather coin purse
  • Make up : Shiseido compact, 2b kohl liner, Shiseido lipstick, Bourjois blush, The Body Shop eyebrow powder, YSL eyeshadow in white and blue, Chanel eyeshadow in brown, Dior eyeliner pencil in anise, Estee Lauder ideal light highlighter (just noticed that i have lost my Chanel mascara that is usually there with the rest of my must-takes..mm.. I wonder where it is..)
  • Car registration papers, insurance papers, and Shell benzine card
  • USB key
  • Oral B dental floss
  • Bluetooth handsfree for my mobile

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