Contest: Socialite Boutique Collaborating with Fashionese Daily

Calling all Bag-aholic!!

Socialite Boutique is giving a Luella Anouk bag to one lucky Fashionese Daily reader! Retail price of this bag is around $750…but you need to act quick because we’re only going to select from the first 20 entries. Updates will be given on the announcement box on the right side bar about the number of entries we have received.


Luella Bartley is a London based designer, her designs is usually girly..with a dash of rock and roll. One of her bags made it to the IT list a few years back, the Luella Giselle. This Anouk bag comes from recent season and I believe it is named after the famous model Anouk Lepere. The bag is perfect for everyday bag, it’s not too big and not too small, it has front pockets that will surely be useful. Made out of calfskin and fully lined with shearling sheepskin so all of your stuff can rest comfortably inside the bag..:). The contrast western style stitching, the buckle, the silver metal hardware add style to this chic yet functional bag. Approximate measurement: Height: 18 cm x Width 28 cm x Deep 12 cm and has adjustable strap.

Here’s what you need to submit:

- A short article, at least 100 words about the latest fashion trends. It can be the trend you like, the trend you hate so much, the trend you wish you can pull of, etc. Basically, anything you want to write about a particular trend, i.e; Wide Legged Pants, Mini dress, Skinny Jeans, Turban, Metallics, Platforms, Patent Leather, Menswear Inspired, Gladiator/Grecian/Roman-style Sandals, Vintage Fashion, Colored Jeans, The ‘ethical’ consumer movement, Wide Belt, Rayban Wayfarers and so many other things.

– The article can be written in English, or in Indonesian, or both!

- PM me the article from the forum and don’t forget to include: Name, Email Address, Date of Birth, Home & Work Address, Phone & Cell Number, KTP Number for those who live in Jakarta (just for verification purposes when you go there to pick up the bag). If the winner lives outside of Jakarta, or even outside of the country, Socialite Boutique will ship the bag for you all the way from Jl. Hang Tuah..:)

Three nominees will be picked up and the article will be published on its website so readers can vote for their favorite entry to win it all.

Here’s a few pictures of Luella Anouk bag in different colors, just to give you a better idea on how it looks. But the bag you’ll get is the one pictured above. Trust me, the picture doesn’t do the bag justice, it’s much better in real life.

If you don’t think you will be joining the contest, please spread the news around to your friends, who knows you’ll make someone’s day…:)

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