32. Inside Meta’s Bag

The Bag: Prada sling bag that my aunt gave me last year.
The Contents
(from left to right):

  • Checkbook in black faux leather case
  • Bug-eyed sunglasses from Target
  • Dior sunglasses case that I found at an ATM
  • Nokia 9330i phone
  • Car keys and house keys
  • CoverGirl compact powder
  • Pen
  • Emergen-C (for those days when I feel under the weather) & Yamamotoyama Green Tea (I love green tea)
  • Eat and Nico wallet that I got at the distro in Bandung. Had it for more than a year and I love it. There’s a little tag inside the wallet that says “100% Happy”, which never fails to make me smile.
  • Sephora lip shine
  • Clinique glosswear for lips intense sparkle in Melon Sky
  • My super reliable chapstick
  • Black pleather business card case
  • My badge for work
  • 2 SanDisks USB Drives
  • a wet napkin

Thanks, girl :)

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