The LV Craze

Ever wonder how a Louis Vuitton store look like during great sale in Singapore? That’s how it looks *pointing at the picture above*!! This one is located in Ngee Ann City, Singapore.

I understand that LV stores in Paris (maybe even in other cities, like Tokyo, etc) would also create such a scene, where people would literally line up just to get in. But I really didn’t expect that to happen in Singapore… and yeah during the great Singapore sale!! Only that LV doesn’t do sale… ever!! So I guess they were all just tourists who happen to be at the same place ? I didn’t really care to find out even though I’m itchy to get in. Unfortunately I can’t afford an LV bag this month, so as a big LV fan, setting myself inside the store would not be a good idea because once I step my feet inside, I knew I’d probably eye myself on something… and wouldn’t get a good sleep at night thinking about it :P

As a big fan, I understand why people love LV, but the price of their products make me wonder how rich some people actually are that they’re able to buy these bags like buying a pack of peanuts. Even in Jakarta, where a bag could potentially cost half of one’s annual salary. It’s a given that most people associate these bags with social status. The more you have the (real) bags meant that you belong to a higher social status like the socialites where money is never an issue. However, often times people buy them with disregard of how much they earn, sometimes creating a big hole in their ‘always empty’ wallet. Is it really worth it?

Well, you tell me. As for myself.. I think the bag is worth every penny of it. Yes it is expensive, and I can’t always afford to buy one. But I know that my money is well spent because the quality of these bags is at top of the line. Unfortunately, for those socialite-wannabes, having one of these bags is a must. The bigger the monogram.. the better.. so they can show the world that they can afford to buy one. But thank god that wasn’t the reason why I own their bags. I bought them because I really like the style and I know I can depend on the quality through out the years. History proves that it has been around since early 1900s, so there’s no doubt that they make great quality bags. LV is especially famous in Japan. If I’m not mistaken, that’s where most of their profits come from. I know most Asians are crazy about the monogram bags. Do you think it’s an Asian thing? Or does the monogram attract westerner too??

Believe it or not, many of them are die-hard fans too. But I think people in the outside of Asia, for example in the US, have more options with different labels. The price of an LV bag is quite expensive, particularly for middle class workers. They can always get a better or at least similar quality bags at a cheaper price or at least on sale. Remember, LV’s are never on sale. After all, not everybody comes from a family with family-owned hotel chain.

When I was still in NYC, I had a conversation with someone about an LV on a subway train on my way to work.At that time, I was wearing a big LV monogram that would fit not only my work stuff but also my school books (I was taking my master’s degree after work at the time).

Due to the strain from the heavy books I’m carrying everywhere, it gives a bad dent to the handle. An old lady stroke a conversation with me and told me that I should go to the store and get it fixed. I thought she was just being a smart-ass and extra-friendly but turns out she’s a die hard fan of LV bags. She told me that she buys many LV bags since 30 years ago and still keeps them until now because they are ageless. LV bags are classic and elegant in its own way that don’t aged with time.

I agree with her. Her remarks got me thinking and I decided that I should get something from the store. But hey, this time it won’t burn a hole in my wallet, cuz it’s a wallet and its wallet doesn’t burn that easily…. hahhaha! :)