New Kid in Town :)

Dear Fashionese Daily avid readers,
It’s DYS, the new kid in town..:) I have been a regular visitor to this blog and left comments anonymously then tried to leave my mark by using this nick ‘siasisten’. Somehow, Hanzky managed to find me *thanks to Slesta*.. and I’ve been revealed.. ;)
I have a love and hate relationship with this industry. I did try to leave it behind a couple of times, but after watching that Devil Wears Prada movie, I’m ‘unfortunately’ back into fashion ;) . I’m currently managing the online store of a fashion consignment boutique in NYC, assisting several renowned fashion editors and stylists for various editorial and advertorial projects…and recently married *wink wink. With our common ground, similar passion and vision, I’m delighted to contribute to this beloved blog and hopefully would be able to grow our own Indonesian fashion community! Thanks Han, and Koukla too, for having me on board :)