It Won’t Be Stopping Here

AAAADMMiEKwAAAAAADY6CQMy heart broke when I received the news from Estee Lauder that they will not be carrying Azuree Soleil Eau Fraiche Skinscent in Indonesia :(

If you remember this post, then you’d know that I am crazy about their Azuree Body Oil that was part of the Tom Ford collection for Estee Lauder last year. I was so excited when I heard that they made a perfume version of this oil and I waited hopefully but turned out, I was waiting in vain.

I guess I would have to turn to eBay to buy this perfume (and body oil and body lotion!) because I am pretty sure it’s sold out everywhere in the US (if I were to ask a friend abroad to buy it) considering it has been launched there since April.

Anyway, while I drown myself in my misery (cieh, drama abis) you guys should probably check out the makeup range of this year’s Azuree collection, coming up next month to Indonesia. The Bronze look consists of interesting products in gorgeous bronze¬†shades that might just cheer me up a little.

Anybody wants to buy me The Sunbronzer and put a smile back on my face? :)