From Thailand, With Love

Body Milk WoodnewHere’s another reason to go to the newly-opened Seibu : to buy Harnn & Thann products! Arriving from the land of cheap clothes and amazing food, Thailand, Harnn & Thann is a natural Spa and body care brand now available in 30 countries, with a distinct Asian-inspired characteristic. The spa opened in Senayan Arcadia last year – if I’m not mistaken – while the counter that offers many bath and body products is located in Seibu.

While I have yet to try the spa, visiting Harnn & Thann counter has left a great impression on me. Upon walking into the space, I felt like I was in some upscale spa with rows and rows of great-smelling products to try!

Harnn & Thann products all use natural ingredients and those amazing scent you smell from them are all-natural and contain no artificial fragrance. I particularly love their Sea Foam and Rice Extract range (Shower Gel, Body Milk, Salt Scrub, etc). They also have hair care and home aromatherapy products. I also found their natural soap bars – which were displayed in cute glass cookie jars – to be highly irresistable because they all smell fantastic! From Cinnamon, Clove, Lemongrass, Red Rice, White Rice, Black Rice and many more – I felt like I wanted to take everything home. And at Rp. 35,000 / piece – these soap bars are a steal!

Anyway, I showed amazing self-control (ahem) and managed to only buy 2 products – the Lemongrass soap bar and Rice Extract body milk with matching scent. I thought their price is very affordable for such high-quality products. The body milk has a light texture that absorbs to the skin almost immediately leaving no sticky residue while the soap bar contains small grains that makes it perfect if you want a light scrub all over. And I could just go on and on about the smell. You know the Lemongrass iced tea they serve you at Thai or Vietnamese restaurants? Both of these products smell exactly like that. Zesty, fresh and perfect to be used on a sunny morning.

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