Tried & Tested – Revlon Limited Edition Collections

Amid all the ‘summery’ makeup ads on magazines, I was quite intrigued to see Revlon coming up with a limited edition collections that has a sultry, mysterious, rather dark visual – usually seen during Fall & Winter. Moreover, the items on the collection seem exciting enough to deserve a trip to Revlon’s nearest counter even though I haven’t used any of their products (except their nail polishes) in like forever.

Anyway, I went to Seibu a few days ago and loo and behold, there was a Revlon counter there! It’s natural to wonder of course, what’s a mass-produced cosmetic brand doing in an upscale dept. store like Seibu? But the question was instantly removed from my head as soon as I saw the displayer for the Limited Edition Collections. I was pleased to find that they carry the whole range of products – usually there are always products that are not available in Indonesia, don’t you just hate it? – and all of them are imported from USA, unlike most Revlon products that are manufactured locally. I managed to play with some products and here’s what I think of them :

Midnight Swirl Lip Lustre
Basically a lipgloss but added with black pearl to create a low-lit effect on lips. The texture is a bit sticky but feels wonderful once applied on the lips. The ‘port wine’ scent is heavenly too! Don’t be intimidated by the dark colors because they’re actually quite sheer once applied. I love the Cran-Tilly Lace shade!

 Sugar Sugar Lip Topping
This is one item in the collection that I was most curious about. Icing for your lips? Sounds wonderful right? The product is similar to loose powder (with shimmer) and comes in a tiny plastic bottle. I tried it on top of the Lip Lustre and was disappointed to see that instead of creating a ‘crystal-cut faceted effect’ as promised, it sort of made my lips looked dusty. The shimmer just wasn’t as ‘brilliant’ as what the ad showed. To me, this just seemed like another ‘gimmicky’ product that doesn’t really do anything amazing.

Pinch Me Sheer Gel Blush
I actually wanted to laugh when I squirted this product from the pump and found that the texture was exactly like…strawberry jam! I kid you not! Anyway, I’ve tested several gel blush before and I must say this isn’t the best you can find. The color is too sheer and doesn’t show on my skin at all.

Diamond Lust Sheer Shadow
Very finely-milled and contains loads of shimmering goodness! This one surely can compete with products from higher-end brands in its ability to make your eyes sparkle. Comes in 8 sheer shades that are all so beautiful. My favorite is Lavender Unleashed and Champagne Buzz (can be used as a great highlighter too!)

Molten Metal Liquid Shadow
Why oh why did I buy this product? Oh I know, because I was shopping with my husband and he asked me to go home every 5 freakin’ minutes! Molten Metal comes in a dual-phase formula – pearlized pigment and clear liquid that you must shake before use. When I first tried it on the back of my hands, it felt cool and the color and the shimmer was quite vivid (must be the lighting, hmpppft). My biggest mistake was I didn’t try it on my eyes and I should’ve, because when I wore it the next day, it was a ‘molten mess’. The color didn’t show – mine was perplexingly called ‘Platinum Pinup” but when I checked it out on the website, Platinum Pinup is a completely different shade. Mine, I think, should be either Bronze Bomber or Copper Crush. Anyway, what was worse was that it had a terrible staying power. It creases almost immediately after I put it on, and after 2 hours, I could hardly see any product left. What a waste of money *sniff*

Anyway, these are just some of the products available in this collection. I am planning to go back and try other products especially the Bare It All Lustrous Lotion and Lash Jewels. Or maybe you’ve tried these products and would like to share your thoughts? Please do!
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