East’s Best-Kept Secret

qtiq-732168I guess it’s true when people say the one thing you’ve been looking for can sometimes be right under your nose. In my case, this happened with a special place called Qtiq! The first time I heard about this place was when a fashionese reader pointed out to me that I can buy OPI’s Lincoln Park At Midnight from their website. I checked it out and imagine my shock when I realized that the actual nail salon is located 5 minutes away from my house! All this time I traveled all over to get a decent manicure & pedicure and I could’ve easily walked to the perfect place that offers just the thing I need?
Anyway, Qtiq The Nail Spa doesn’t only offer nail & waxing treatments, they also have a HUGE nail color collections (around 1,700 according to the website) from premium nail brands such as OPI, Creative Nail Design, Orly, Essie, China Glaze, Zoya, etc. They also have nail care & body products from those brands (plus some more) and Tweezerman products! My jaw literally dropped when I stepped into the salon and saw rows and rows of nail polishes to choose from. Before my eyes could adjust to the spectacular view, the staff told me that there’s another room where they keep other products and when she opened the door, the room was even bigger than the first one and had even more products! I was like a kid in a candy store, I wanted to buy them all!
But I was there to try the nail treatment so I had to postpone browsing around and proceeded to the service station. I have to report that the manicure and pedicure was expectedly good though a bit expensive (I paid IDR 285,000 for a “basic” manicure & pedicure + foot scrub). They have different kinds of nail treatment including the ones with massage, mask and scrub, traditional Indonesian massage, lulur, mandi susu & whitening masques and they also have Dead Sea body treatments.
After my manicure & pedicure, I was eager to check out the Essie nail polishes – I spotted some very sweet nudes from their Spring 07 collection – however, I realized that it was time for me to go as I didn’t want to be my late for my dinner date with my husband. But mark my words : I will come back and buy a bottle or two!
Btw, for those of you living in South of Jakarta, Qtiq The Nail Spa also has a salon in Jl. Kemang I. Please check their website for more info.
Image from www.qtiq.com