They are not flip flops, they are Havaianas..:D

I just got back from Clayton Food Festival where they have food tents from restaurants around the area. It was held in a park, so it was inevitable to see lots of flip flops everywhere. This year is not so bad since lots of people -notably the adult- seemed to have upgraded their rubber flip flops to jeweled leather sandals and other style that are more feminine and pretty to look at. But not the teens. I think the teens and their havaianas is inseparable.

Havaianas is basically a brand of flip flops (kaya sendal jepit swallow kalo di Indonesia). It’s a Brazilian brand that was established in 1962. I have never tried, let alone own a pair, because after all, they are just flip flops…and why would I spend $17 for something I could get for $2 at Walmart or Old Navy??

Well..according to its website, they have a secret rubber formula to make the rubber feels buttery-soft, bouncy, flexible and durable. I know that people who own them swear by them and own like five, or seven pairs in different colors to match their outfit. Even Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Jennifer Aniston, David Beckham and other celebrities have been snapped wearing them. Oprah loves them. They are everywhere, literally from runway to subway and can even be found in high end department stores.

Maybe they are really comfortable to wear, but if not for the celebrities that wear these everywhere, would people even think of buying them? Considering these are sold for a mere $2 in Brazil and used to be worn only by the poor. They didn’t even have those interesting designs when they started to receive the attention. Now it’s understandable if people are crazy about them since the designs are pretty eye-catching, but of course the price is higher too. They even have the limited edition with Swarovski crystal encrusted for $85.

I think the people behind this brand are indeed a genius for turning rubber flip flops into a household brand and fashion statement for lots of people around the world. This also proves that having celebrities wear your stuff helps big time. No wonder designers are giving them endless of free stuff. Anyway, here’s an interesting tidbits; 5 havaianas is produced every second, and since their launch, 2.2 billion pairs of Havaianas sandals have been produced and sold throughout the world. If the sandals were laid end to end, they would go around the world 50 times. wow!

So…do we have a proud owner of havaianas here??