26. Inside Loucee’s Bag

I’m sure almost everyone in the blogsphere already knows about this girl who now lives in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK..=)

The Bag: I call it the ‘Moulin Rouge’ bag.
Bought it last year in a souvenir shop closed to Louvre, Paris for €19.99 I guess.
I looooveeee this bag so… much! It has the perfect size! I have been using it A LOT and it actually starts to fall apart now… especially on the handles part… *hiks*

The Contents [from top left]:

  • Cheap sunglasses. I never bought sunglasses that cost more than £5.00. i lost too many of them in the past. This one is from Primark, Newcastle. got them for only £2.00.
  • Longchamp orange camera case. Bought this in Paris, and is actually a mobile phone case, but i’m using it for my Canon ixus camera [which i’m using to take this picture].
  • Kate Spade green leather wallet. The only fashion brand i adore and wear. This one was bought in Singapore
  • Ugly Doll Wedgehead keychain. One of the most favorite objects that has so many historical meanings for me. bought it in New York, and has been traveling with me across countries and continents. It’s like a best friend who doesn’t talk. Recently, the Wedgehead just got a new friend, a pink ‘Lucy’ keychain i received as a gift from my best friend.
  • Nokia 6233 Classic Black. Got them last year during Northumbria University student enrollment week with student price of course… hehehe…
  • Moleskine sketchbook. Just got them 2 weeks ago from Baltic, Newcastle to replace the old one. Only 6 pages have been used.
  • Berol black marker. For doodling in the Moleskin sketchbook.. :)
  • Apple Ipod 20 GB with click wheel (4th generation). Bought it with 30% employee discount from my best friend who works for Apple in Silicon Valley.

That’s all!