Say Hello to FOHO!!

According to, Sienna Miller is tired with the boho look and she decided that enough is enough when she saw a 12 y.o girl wearing an imitation of her mother Moroccan belt that she wears all the time. Still, that doesn’t mean she’s going to leave all of the boho elements behind. Instead, she created a new trend that can be considered as foho!. Foho = folk music + boho.Now how does exactly the foho-look like?? Well, katanya sih foho lebih understated dan modern dari boho walaupun tetap ada unsur bohemian nya, cuma aja foho itu less hippie, more seventies silhouette, less jewelry, no more medallion, no cowboy boots but yes to gladiator sandals. Elemen elemen dari gaya folk yang di gabungin itu seperti washed-out denim, traditional embroideries, flares, patchwork tops, tie-dyes and crochet trims. Unsur modernnya sendiri di ambil karena sang pencipta trend selalu memakai tas tas desainer paling mutakhir. Halaahh, bisa aja yaa, bilang aja memang nggak rela untuk ganti tas tas chloe dan balenciaga nya dengan tas selempang rajut warna warni seperti hippie beneran…hihihi.
Saya belum nemu banyak sih foto foto nya Miss Miller dengan gaya foho, no 2 juga sebenarnya mungkin kurang pas di bilang foho. For #4, the crochet hat and the earth sandals make it a foho.

Just like the boho trend, I’m going to pass this one as well, I like the gladiator sandals, and the traditional embroideries element as long as it comes in small dose. In fact, I’ve been eye-ing on some cute Mexican tops that has really pretty embroideries. But I couldn’t careless about the rest of the look, I mean, I love the hippie spirit, but I don’t want to look like one..:o)