25. Inside Kezia’s Bag

While she loves the details on the button pockets, I love the pocket itself. the kisslock clasp is so cute, it looks grandma-ish in a modern kind of way.

The bag: Mimco Button Zip Top Leather Bag in Tan.

I have been eyeing this bag for months, until I couldn’t stand it anymore and bought it. I used it mostly on weekends, and sometimes to work too.

Gotta love this bag! The details on the button pockets are really unique, and it’s very roomy too! Perfect for a girl who loves to carry her whole life in her bag like me

The contents:

– Wallet – Louis Vuitton Monogram Pochette wallet. Isinya? Bank card, duit, credit card, etc etc.

– Sunnies – Sportsgirl. I love big sunnies, and Sportsgirl have a great range of it. I can’t resist!
– Green iPod Nano 4GB with pink iPod socks – It’s filled with my latest favorite tunes to get me through the day.
– Bath & Body Works Plumeria body spray.. just in case

– Schwarzkopf Strong Styling Hairspray – yeap, my hairspray is my best friend. Untung yg ini travel size ukurannya, jadi muat deh di tas.
– My pink Filofax organizer – all my contacts and appointments are in here… Banyak orang bilang mendingan beli PDA ajah, simple gitu. Tapi saya suka sekali nulis2 jadi lebih suka organizer ‘manual’ hehehe
– David Snahan reading glasses – Being a far-sighted girl, I have to carry this around. I don’t mind wearing it, because it’s unique, funky and orange.

– Vintage coin purse yg udah butut banget buat simpen koin2 kecil jadi gak usah susah-susah buka dompet.
– Polkadot make up case – Kiehl’s lip balm, Lancome Juicy Tube, Hand lotion, tissue, bobby pins, Clinique compact, Body Shop nail buffer… semua deh ada di dalem sini.
– A hair brush.
– My keys – pake gantungan kunci babi-nya Nici.
– ‘Utopia’ by Thomas More – the book I’m reading at the moment.
– Nokia N73 – not in the picture as I’m using it to take the pic