Giving my shoulder a rest

You see, I really mean it when I told you I’m downgrading the size of my the bag, no more buying big bags for me. I even opted for a hand-held bag instead of a shoulder bag for my birthday order to give my shoulder a rest..:D. Plus, a hand-held bag is a perfect way to dress up the casual summer outfits. And I guess it was just my luck that there was one LV Speedy 30 in Azur sitting in the boutique in Frontenac Plaza. The Azur line is a permanent line but they still produce the line in limited quantity, so normally there’s a waiting list for a few weeks or so.

I love the light cream color of this bag and the bluish tint. (Azure means blue in French). The handle made from cowhide so it’s bound to get darker. The coated canvas material is worry free, if I find a spot, I just erase it with pencil eraser and it’s gone right away..=)