Size Does Matter

Wallet? check. Bottled water? check. Make up Pouch? Check. Coin Pouch? Check. Book/Magazine? Check. Cell Phone? Check. Mp3? Check. Organizer/Notebook? Sunglasses? Bunches of keys? Charger? USB? Digital Camera? Check. Check. Check. Check. Check.

Those stuff are the regulars in our bag, sometimes we add a few more items, depending on our schedule that day. Many students no longer carry backpacks and opted for a more stylish oversized tote to carry their thick textbooks and laptop. As handbags become bigger and bigger, it’s only natural that we tend to place more and more stuff into the bag, resulting in frequent visit to the doctor and chiropractor’s office…:D. Do you know that massage therapists are busier than ever now because many women are now suffering from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and even headache, all from carrying too many stuff in their handbags?!? Just read about it here or google it to find more information on how your favorite house-sized bag can lead to long term health concerns.

Big bags are actually my favorite fashion accessories..but I think I’m done with them now. They may be practical, but it’s just not worth it. I’m sure I’ve done enough damage to that area since I’ve been carrying big bags for several years now and don’t want to risk further injury.

Now I’m leaning towards medium sized bags. I still carry my big bags but I’ve discipline myself not to carry my whole life in it. I always check my bag before I left the car, to see if I can leave something in the car to lighten the weight. I buy bags that are light. Chloe paddington bag may look irresistible but the padlock alone weighs like a ton. I stay away from bags that are lined in suede, they are heavy. I also switch the shoulder to carry the bag to avoid the lop sided body position it can create.

You see, size does far as your health is concerned.