23.Inside Stella’s Bag

This one is from Stella, she lives in Taipei. Enjoy…=)

The Bag: something I bought at ‘kaki lima’ Xi Men Ding, Taipei about a year ago.
The Contents:

  • Dompet plastik I got since I was in my last year of high school (4 years ago!) and it cost me only IDR 10,000. It’s falling apart though :(
  •  Nokia n70. i can bear losing the phone but I cannot bear losing the text messages, pictures and contacts inside huhu.
  • Agnes b sketch book full of random thoughts
  • Cosmopolitan 2007 schedule book
  • A pen
  • Creative MuVo MP3 player
  • Keys with a voodoo doll and mini handcuff key chain.
  • Pills I have to take to keep my sanity :p (green tea extract + mint)
  • Dompet restleting I use to keep handsfree, extra batteries, flash disk and stuff like that
  • White with blue polkadots make up pouch. containing ZA compact powder, Kose blotting paper, The Body Shop orange lip balm and stick concealer, Red Earth blush, The Face Shop black eyeliner and mascara, some bobby pins and black rubber bands
  • Estee lauder pleasures body lotion.
  • Digicam (I’m using it to take this picture)

C’est tout! I had so much fun doing this :)

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