Drenched In Aqua

aqua-731556I’m currently obsessed with Aqua eyeshadow. It’s the perfect summer shade if you want a change from bronze or taupe.

Today, I’m wearing my MAC Turquatic eyeshadow – it’s a gorgeous aqua shade with loads of silver pearl – which I got last year and is unfortunately a limited shade. They have a similar shade in the regular eyeshadow line called Aquadisiac, however it comes in Lustre formula and I am just not a fan of it. It is too sheer and no matter how much pressure I put on my brush, I couldn’t seem to get the color shown on my eyes and it also doesn’t stick on the skin very well. But worry not, because I have found some other cool Aqua shades from other brands in a variety of texture and formula and here are some of my favorites :

This rather shocking color is actually very easy to wear. The trick is to make it sheer so you need to blend really well. I applied the shadow on my lid and I blended upwards – creating a semi-transparant wash of color. On my browbones, I just put a vanilla-colored shadow to highlight. That’s it. I don’t mix it with other colors because I want the aqua to stand out. Then I added a coat of dark brown mascara, a shimmery peach blush (This looks more natural on me than a bronzer since I’m very fair), finished with a pinkish coral gloss – and voila! The perfect beachy, summery look! The model on the above picture shows that this shade also works on girls with darker complexion. I am so loving the healthy, sun-kissed rosy cheeks on that fabulously tanned complexion. And I wish I looked that great in a gold halter top ;)

If you’re still intimidated by the color, the alternative is to use an aqua eye pencil. Just draw a line above your upper lashline and on your bottom lashline so you get just a hint of color. Try MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Out To Sea or Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in #07L

*The product shown on the picture is Bobbi Brown’s Surf & Sand eye palette which, unfortunately, isn’t available in Indonesia. But you can buy it online here.