Barefaced Beauties

People magazine’s 18th annual special issue featuring “100 Most Beautiful Stars” of 2007 has hit newsstand last Friday. Drew Barrymore, who’s recently been named Cover Girl’s newest spokesperson, graces the cover as well as being included in one of the 11 stars photographed without makeup for this issue.

Of course, this particular article is made to make us – mere mortals – feel even worse about ourselves. I mean, look at her.
Kidding. But she does look radiant even without any makeup on, doesn’t she? Here’s another gorgeous one who looks just as good bare-faced (if not better) compared to when she’s all done up.

Yup, that’s American Idol season 5’s runner up Katherine McPhee. Don’t you just want to kill yourself now? Hahaha, kidding..again.
Anyway, the other stars who pose with bare faces in this issue are Jessica Biel, Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba, Rashida Jones (from the show The Office), etc. It’s interesting to finally see how these beautiful girls look when their skin is not covered (you can clearly see the freckles in Jessica Biel’s nose), their eyebrows are not groomed, blemishes not hidden (hello Rachel Bilson’s birthmark!), lashes not curled and other steps that they skipped for this photo shoot. There is also something beautiful about the stripped-down, unglamorous sides that these stars showed in front of the camera that they look almost vulnerable. Like Miss Longoria in this picture.

I applaud them for doing such gutsy move with these pictures. I tried going to work without any makeup on today and I only lasted until lunch time. I took a peek at my reflection from the mirror and before I could say au naturale, I reached for my lip balm, primer, eyelash curler and blush. That’s it. That’s the most ‘no makeup’ I could ever muster.
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