Fashions Fade, Style Is Eternal

Yupe, itu lah yang di bilang Mr. Yves Saint Laurent. Tapi seperti nya masih banyak ya yang salah kaprah dan menganggap bahwa the term fashionable and stylish is interchangeable when it’s actually not. Being fashionable is not the same as being stylish. One does not necessarily follow the other.

Being fashionable means keeping up with the newest trend, being in accordance with the popular choice, being up to date. Everyone of course can be fashionable, you can easily look up a magazine and buy all the items that are similar to what they claimed as the hot trends off the moment. If you are wearing current trends from head to toe then you fall into the fashionable err..I mean fashion victim category.

But is being fashionable automatically make you stylish? Of course not. To have a style, you have to know what works and looks best on you, your shape, your skin color and what fits your personality. Style is usually influenced by things like culture, nationality, music, arts, age and a myriad of other factors. It’s something that is so you. Being stylish is about looking good and dressing according to the occasion, whether or not the clothes are from the current trend is irrelevant. You can be stylish without being fashionable.

The term ‘Fashion’ sendiri sebenernya terlalu broadly used. People always claim they love fashion. But what is exactly that they love about fashion? Do they love the history of it? Do they mean trends and following celebrity style? Or is it actually shopping? Styling? Designing? Fashion journalism or the business (merchandising) aspect of it? Maybe it’s actually luxury brand that they are more into? I have no idea.

So anyway.. am I fashionable? Absolutely not. Stylish? Not there yet..:p. I still need a little more excitement on my wardrobe..but I believe I am pretty well dressed.. meaning if you look at what I’m wearing, I don’t think you’ll find something that is severely wrong that make you think “what the hell was she thinking?!”. I believe you are what you I do put some thoughts into my outfits.

How about you? Are you fashionable? or are you stylish? or maybe fashionably stylish..:-) that even possible?