Take It Off!

bifacil-779448Because I wear eye makeup almost everyday, I need a good, reliable eye makeup remover, preferably one which posesses the following benefits :

- Doesn’t sting my eyes
- Takes makeup off easily, especially waterproof ones
- Conditions the delicate skin around my eyes
I tried many products from many brands but I was never satisfied with the quality or the one that I liked was suddenly and cruelly discontinued, like the Body Shop eye makeup remover oil – RIP. When I came to the store one day, they informed that Body Shop no longer produces this special oil and offered me another product which they said was similar, I forgot the name – I think it’s Chamomile and the formula is lotion. It wasn’t similar at all. The lotion stung my eyes and took off only a fraction of my eye makeup which left me with a very scary raccoon eyes the next morning! Eek!
The same thing happened when I tried MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover. I like applying eye pencil really close to my lash line and removing them at the end of the day can be tricky. Pro Eye Makeup Remover doesn’t do the job and I was scared I had stretched and damaged my poor skin trying to get rid of it. The only good thing about it is that the formula is non-oily so you can immediately apply some makeup to your eyes after you remove the previous ones. This is especially handy when you work backstage which let’s admit, most of us don’t do right?
Anyway, after many trials and errors, I have finally found THE one. It’s called Lancome Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover. Definitely the best I have ever tried. It takes off even the most stubborn mascara with very little effort. The formula is made for sensitive eyes so it doesn’t sting at all and it leaves the skin around my eyes feeling incredibly smooth. The subtle rose scent gives a relaxing effect. I would be devastated if this is ever discontinued.
The second-best thing that I discovered was MAC Gently Off Eye & Lip Remover. It’s a new product which is very similar to Lancome Bi Facil in formula and by far more superior than the Pro Eye Makeup Remover. It just doesn’t conditon and moisturize the skin around my eyes as well as Lancome Bi Facil but otherwise, very very close and it’s around 40 thousand cheaper too.
My friends also recommended me a much cheaper version of these remarkable removers by L’oreal. It’s also a dual-phase formula and I heard the quality is not far behind from its high-end counterparts. I haven’t tried it but I have tried the one from its sister brand, Maybelline. I have to say, for 39 thousand, it’s actually quite good. It removes waterproof eye makeup effectively, the formula is gentle and leaves no oily residue. The only thing it’s lacking is the added ingredients like cucumber extracts, rose water, etc which make the Lancome and MAC ones feel much more luxurious on the skin.
Isn’t it wonderful to have so many choices? :)