Ardistia New York

Indonesia should be proud to have her, an up coming New York-based designer who will rock the fashion scene in no time. Her line is currently selling throughout the states and even reach Korea and Japan. She has been featured in WWD and other magazines. ABC network also has picked up her collection for the All My Children show.

I love everything in the collection. You can view them at the website here, but my favorite is the Quiterie blazer like in the picture, which is one of the best sellers from the line.

Here’s a little Q&A with the designer:

What’s the inspiration behind Quiterie blazer?

Quiterie was inspired by one of the masterpieces of French industrial designer Philippe Stark. His modern and precision cut reflects the structured and tailored pieces with the metal buttons on this particular piece.

Do you have advice for those who want to be a fashion designer?
To learn business and understand that it is critical to know the business scope as a whole, not just designing. You have to love it otherwise don’t bother with it. It is definitely not glamor and very challenging. Believe in yourself, do what you love, commitment, hard work and persistence.

What are the fashion staples that you think every girls should have?
Confidence and inner happiness. Fashion staples should be pieces that they love and express their true individuality.

How very true!!. I totally agree with her that fashion staple should be pieces that you love. For me, blazer is definitely a fashion staple due to its versatility, it can take you from the meeting room straight to the bar, it can be dressed up and dressed down, and wearing it is the easiest way to look instantly polished. Now I’m not talking about the single button with double breasted collar and padded shoulder in boring navy colors kind of blazers. No, not that kind. But the ones that have been brilliantly tailored with unique and bold detailing. This Quiterie blazer is the epitome of the perfect blazer. How can you not love the puffy short sleeves, the uneven pleated hem, the contrast button and the wide collar? It is sharply define and feminine yet still acceptable for formal occasion. Good job Dis, I’m waiting for your Bryant Park debut..=)

Btw, I also did an interview with her that will be featured in Dewi Magazine, I will let you know more when I get the detail so you can buy the magazine!.