Trapped in the closet

Alright, my closet is far from the perfect closet that I’ve been dreaming of..but it still holds all my stuff that I treasure so much..=). I just reorganized it recently and sorted all the clothes. I sorted them into a few separate for clothes that are not even decent enough to be donated or in other word, trash. One bag will be donated to goodwill, one bag is for clothes that can be sold at rag-o-rama or ebay and one more bag for clothes that needed a new button or needed to be mended, sewed, etc. I have a few pairs of pants that I want to crop to knee length.

The remaining clothes seem so happy now that they finally have some breathing room..=)

Here’s how I organize my closet:
- I arrange everything by color. If I’m being anal, I arrange them by shade and sleeve length too..:D.

- There’s two groups of clothes that don’t look to be in the same color. One is where I hang all of my blazers and the other is for the clothes that I haven’t worn yet. I think it’s a good idea to hang all of your unworn clothes in the same place. That way, you don’t go crazy at the mall because you’ll get a reminder everyday that you still have a few clothes that haven’t seen the light of day.

- I use hangers in the same colors and they are facing the same way. I think it helps to make it looks neater. I’m using the plastic hangers, only the heavy coats deserve the nice wooden hangers which are hanged in separate closet. I don’t use wire hangers because even though they are so cheap..they are not good for the clothes, they can make the clothes sag dan jadi gampang nyangkut karena ujungnya tajam.

- I place my pants and my skirts on the top shelves. I fold my jeans the special way they do at the store so they look perfectly stacked together from top to bottom. Jeans, pants, cropped pants/gauchos and skirts are stacked separately. I don’t think you can see all my skirts in the picture.

- All the t-shirts goes in the hanging shelves. One for white tees, one for the tees that are only worn at home. The other one for the ones who are okay to be worn outside the house. Some of my sweaters go in there too, I have probably less than 5 sweaters. I don’t like sweaters!

- I put some of my shoes in behind the door..and some are in their boxes.

- I put my bags in the dust bags, stuff them with tissue paper to hold their shape ..and air them once in a while if they haven’t been used for long.

So..that’s it. I’d like to hear how you organize your clothes, and if you have any tips and tricks..please do share them here..=)