what’s your fave clubbing outfit?

Okay, I’ll admit it, I haven’t been clubbing for, hmm..quite a while…hehe, not that there’s anything wrong with it..:p but since we have a fabulous event coming up and even though I wouldn’t be able to attend, it gets me all pumped up and excited and actually browsed around for some inspiring outfit to wear.

Let see, for the top, I know I want to show a little bit of skin..but in a tasteful way and doesn’t look slutty at all. Maybe something like these, or maybe a top with playful prints to make me stand out in the crowds

For the pants, I know I will avoid wearing jeans as they are too everyday. Jadi mending kalo pakai jeans juga yang cropped/capri length so I can show off my shoes!!. Short juga lucu sebenarnya..dan sebenarnya lagi masih panjang dressier cropped pants yang lebih cocok untuk ke club dari yang di bawah ini.

Atau bisa juga sih pakai mini dress, pasti nyaman banget since it can get too hot inside. Kalo di foto nya sih memang pendek ya dress nya but they will fall right above the knee on me…because I’m only 5″2..and that is being generous..heheheh.

Untuk sepatu nya..something comfy pasti nya because I don’t think I can take the abuse of wearing stilettos and dancing on them all night? These look comfortable for the height they have. I just need to be careful not to get them stepped on!!

And then, there’s the clutch. I need to have a clutch to put my cell phone, camera, id and lipgloss in. I’ll go with colorful clutch if I wear solid color top/dress and vice versa.

For the accessories..I’ll wear one or two bold accessories to spice up my outfit. The hair got to be neat though, If I don’t have time to style it nicely, I can just have it pulled back in a chic ponytail and add a pretty hair band and I’m ready to go!!.

Oh speaking of ponytail..remember those ponytail wig from a few years back? I used to own one of those that I bought at mangga dua..heheh and actually got lots of compliments whenever I wore it here..sekarang nggak tau deh wig nya ada di mana, lagian warna rambutnya juga udah beda sih..:-)

Now..tell me what’s your fave clubbing outfit? and what’s the trend in the clubbing scene back home?