Damsel In Darkness

This is a picture oftamara-757634 Tamara Bleszinsky taken in front of her ex-husband’s house last week, when she was told that she could not see her son, Rasya.
What do you notice most about this picture? Is it the distraught expression on her face from knowing that she couldn’t even see her only son? Is it the Taekwondo trophy that she was carrying to give to Rasya? Is it her ridiculously toned arms? Well, if you’re anything like me, the first thing I noticed about this picture is her dark nail polish.
(Look, I feel for her – I’m sure it’s terrible having to go through this complicated ordeal with the whole country watching, not to mention the poor kid standing in-between – but this is a fashion & beauty blog so yes, I’m going to talk about the dark nail polish)
This trend seems to be sweeping across the world since last winter. From Lindsay Lohan to American Idol contestants, everybody seems to be sporting the vampy nails. Most people go with basic black, while some experiment with other shades like burgundy, midnight blue and even dark green.
I started wearing it a few months ago when I spotted a bottle of inky black polish at the MAC counter. It was called Nocturnelle and the color is rich black with no undertones or shimmer. But I got bored of it quickly, especially when I started seeing “abege” walking around in malls using (what I presumed) the same color. Ugh.
Anyway back to Tamara’s snazzy nails, I am trying to figure out what brand and color of polish she used in this picture. My best guess is OPI Lincoln Park After Dark (Dark plum) and if I guessed correctly I’d like to know where she got them because I’ve been badgering the saleslady at my local counter about this color and Lincold Park At Midnight and their answer is always the same “Belum masuk ke Indonesia, Mbak”!
If you want to try going dark, please keep your nails short and trimmed (so you won’t look like a vampire) and make sure it’s applied really really neatly because it’s very easy to mess it up and it will be obvious on your hands too!