20. Inside Zaila’s Bag

Here’s another LV Mono Speedy for you to enjoy, but this time it’s coming all the way from KL. I love the speedys, all of them (except the mc line), from the mono line, the epi line, the limited edition ones with the cherry and the graffiti done by Stephen Sprouse, the mini lin, the damier and the azur. If only I could get all of them..=)

The Bag: LV Speedy 35 (I love big bags :)

The Contents:

  • Coach Slim Signature Wallet
  • Coach Wrislet which keeps all my make-up kits:

a) Stila Foundation
b) Stila Lip Glaze
c) Stila Kajal Eyeliner
d) Paul & Joe Lipstick
e) Paul & Joe Lipliner Pencil
f) Givency Eyebrow Pencil

  •  Nine West Handphone Pocket
  • Motorola Handphone
  • Nokia PDA
  • Davidoff Coolwater Spray
  • Lastly, Dior Sunglasses

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