Looking Pretty in B&W

This spring, it’s all about standing out. I forgot where I read that statement but I couldn’t agree more with it. Just look at the stunning yellow color that is everywhere, the sleek patent leather shoes and bags and belt in every bright color imaginable, the nautical theme with its red, blue and white combination, the growing mod style and any kinds of bold prints from polkadot, stripe to peacock and other busy prints.

Add all of those with the eye-catching black and white print dresses that are soo classically chic you can wear it day and night. Try to get the one that curve your body the right way, or try wearing a wide black belt or a sash just slightly above the waist to give your body a more define silhouette (or try a wrap dress!), because the prints can hide your curves and make your body look shapeless. With prints as busy as these, it is always better to get a dress with simple cut, avoid ruffles and frills and long sleeves as it will be too much.

Di jakarta juga banyak lho black and white print dresses…in fact I got this crisp dress in mangga dua for a mere Rp 65,000…(oh how i love mangdu…:D). I spotted similar ones in metro (Rp 350,000) and zara (Rp 600,000), basically you can’t walk into any store and not spotting this trend, here or everywhere else.

*top pics from people stylewatch magazine.