Finally Here!

Well hello everyone! I am so glad to be here! I was asked to contribute to this lovely blog by our stylish webmistress and I just couldn’t say no!

I’ve been collecting all sorts of beauty products for as long as I can remember – some remain my favorites until now, some are sitting in my makeup drawers gathering dust, some I treasure highly because they have been discontinued. I may have enough makeup and body lotions to last me a lifetime – but why do I keep buying them? Because I like trying on new things. I love the feeling of bringing home a fresh, new bottle of luxurious body wash. I am addicted to spreading beautifully scented body cream on my body. I can’t get enough of putting on a new color or texture of lipstick for the first time, check myself out in the mirror, go out and wait for people’s comments about it.

Of course not all products I tried were winners. Some do fail to my expectations. But whatever the outcome, I am excited to share it with all of you.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment if there’s anything at all that you want to ask me. Keep in mind that I am not an expert on the science of beauty…which means I won’t be able to answer your questions regarding a specific skin problem, for example. But I will write about how the products I tried perform on me. And you might or might not want to use it as a guide before you make any purchase. It’s all up to you of course :)

Ok, I blabber long enough…let’s get on the goodies, shall we? Coming up…my review of Estee Lauder/Tom Ford Azuree Body Oil!