yummy vintage shoes!!

Do you like vintage shoes? I know I do, I adore them. My collection used to be larger but I downsized it a little bit since I don’t wear them often..in fact there are some that I have never worn at all because.. well..I have to admit that they are not the most comfortable shoes. Women’s feet were amazingly small back then (so did their bodies), so the shoes tend to run small and very narrow. But I still bought them anyway since they are cute..and cheap!! they are all priced at under $10, banyak juga yang cuma $5..:p..(and some of them are ferragamo and bruno magli). kondisi nya masih bagus bagus. I only have one pair that fell apart, and that was because I walked up and down soho and times square for 2 days straight on them..:D. Akhirnya di buang di tempat sampah depan macy’s herald square.. where I got my nina ballerina flats..:D. (lesson learned, do not wear your vintage shoes for travelling..the reason they are called vintage is because they are old, therefore can’t take a beating).