after midnite clutch

Introducing the after midnite clutch collection, a lovely collection with sophisticated design that is so original you won’t find anything like it anywhere. Dari website nya aja udah keliatan sophisticated nya, the pictures and the wording make you feel like in another world, you can tell they are very passionate about their bags and really put a lot of love and energy into creating such distinctive bags. The price is good (sekitar Rp 300.000) and the fact that it is limited make it even sweeter. Kalo misalnya ada satu tas yang kita suka, tapi pingin warna yang lain atau pingin di tambahin detil nya juga bisa, atau mereka juga terima pesenan model yang mereka nggak ada. Intinya, they are willing to go the extra miles to help you get your perfect clutch. Order nya bisa langsung lewat online, bisa juga lewat telfon/fax..klik di sini aja untuk liat koleksi lengkapnya.

Too bad, it’s a little late for you to order since the entire spring 2007 line has sold out, but you can still leave your name on the waiting list in case someone cancels her order or something. And it’s not too late for you to start ordering the summer 2007 line that will be launched next month.

Sukses ya Vil..=)