17. Inside Miss Anonymous Bag

If i were her, I wouldn’t want to be anonymous…Ii want everyone in the world to know that this birkin bag is belong to ME!!..heheh..:D

The bag:
Hermes Birkin 30 Ostrich Rouge

  •  Hermes Twilly Scarf Bolduc in Blue (i love pairing the bag with contrast colour scarf)

The contents (left to right):

  • Fendi scarf (too small.. using it as handkerchief)
  • Oversized sunglasses
  • Nokia L’amour 7370 i think :p
  • Nokia Blue (very old phone, but it matches well with the twilly scarf unexpectedly :P)
  • Tempat contact lens (blue tube)
  • Tissue paper (blue again :p)
  • Shiseido blotting paper
  • Chanel Whitening Powder Foundation
  • Kose Rouge a levres Lipgloss (loving the cute packaging)
  • Silver Pen from Australia (oleh2 dr nyokap)
  • LV Monogram Vernis PTI wallet (this one is so everlasting)
  • Regular jepit rambut for a hot day (very useful too) :)

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