yay or nay?

i have totally forgotten about victoria secret clothing line until chez mentioned it in her comments. i’ve never bought clothes from them before tapi saya inget dulu waktu masih di kirimin katalog nya suka nemu baju lumayan bagus bagus. sekarang juga koleksi nya lumayan(or is it because they are worn by gisele and alessandra?!?!) and totally wearable. i’ve been loving pretty silky/chiffon tops and victorian style shirt. i’m mostly wear jeans so it’s important to have lots of variety of tops, yang cukup feminin tapi nggak terlalu overly girly (pink colors, lots of flower prints, etc). i’m liking this silk empire waist top. i love empire waist, it gives some room to hide my belly pooch..:p. for $58, is it too pricy for their quality? or is it worth it?